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Seven Periods of Biblical History

Biblical Tamar Park stands as a monument to the past and an educational center of the future. You will see the oldest Israelite four-room house ever found, dating to the days of Abraham, huge openings where Solomonic gates once stood, Roman baths, aqueducts and fortress walls, and so much more. Through Biblical Tamar Park, we are able to truly experience and view glimpses into the Seven Periods of Biblical History.

1st Period

Abrahamic Period

2000 BCE – 1300 BCE

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About four thousand years ago Biblical Tamar Park could have been an Amorite village. It is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as one of the places conquered by invading armies just as Abram had ended his sojourn in Egypt and returned to the Land of Canaan. After reentering the land and making a sacred covenant with the Lord of Creation, he received a new name, Abraham, after which he sired two sons, Isaac and Ishmael, both of whom begat children of their own.

Stories about Abraham and his offspring include descriptions of desert places in the wilderness of Paran and Beersheva, located just slightly to the north and to the south of Tamar. For a period of time their descendents lived together as friends and neighbors, planting palm groves for shade, sharing food and family ties, or sipping water from the nearby spring at En Hatzeva. These and other Genesis stories provide the basis for the core monotheistic beliefs of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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