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Standing With Israel the Revelation


March 25 – April 5, 2018

There will be some unique educational aspects of this trip. We will see and experience the ancient Land of Israel in some locations that virtually no other tours include.

An extra emphasis of this trip will be celebrating the Sabbath and Passover in Israel, including the Jewish customs in place at the time that Yeshua walked the Land.  This focus will provide a better understanding of Yeshua and his disciples in their First Century context. For instance, while Christians think of the last book of the Bible as “Revelation,” what does an observant Jew think of when he or she hears the term “Revelation”? The giving of the Torah is the Revelation in the Jewish context, and participants will learn how reliable Bible study tools, such as First Mention, Progressive Mention, Complete Mention, and Chiasms open understanding to many things in the New Covenant, especially John’s Revelation.  As it turns out, the Creator does reveal the end from the beginning, and John’s Revelation should be viewed through the lens of the Torah.

Even though Israel was delivered from Egypt with great miracles, the journey back to the Land was slow, step-by-step. This slow, thoughtful journey characterizes what we hope to accomplish by celebrating Passover in the Land of Israel.  Just as many steps of preparation were required of the ancient Israelites, this study tour will be taken at a slower pace, giving time to absorb the many significant locations.  We will visit northern Israel and then celebrate Passover at Biblical Tamar in the Arava, the southernmost boundary of Israel described in Ezekiel. Our ultimate destination during the Passover week is Jerusalem.  By traveling the length of the Land and having Jerusalem as our goal, we hope to prepare ourselves for the Reign of Messiah, step-by-step. This trip will occur during Passover and the objective is that the experience will enrich each participant’s celebration of the Biblical feasts and Shabbat.  Each person will receive a copy of Creation Gospel Workbook Six: Standing with Israel, personally signed by Dr. Alewine, with a dedication noting the special occasion of this educational trip.

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  • Visit historical areas of Jerusalem (Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemand, Western Wall, etc)
  • Visit the city where King David lived and see the tunnel of Hezekiah
  • Visit the place where the Dead Sea scrolls were found and explore Ein Gedi, the mountain cave where David hid from King Saul
  • Choose from snorkeling coral reefs, visiting an aquarium or shopping while in Eilat (located on northern end of the Red Sea)
  • Visit Caesarea, the ancient wonder of the world and visit other historic sites around the Sea of Galilee including Nimrod Fortress, Mount of Beautitudes, Capernaum & more)
  • Visit Shiloh, one of the previous locations of the Tabernacle
  • Spend a few nights at Biblical Tamar Park, the oldest archaeological site in southern Israel, and learn more about the 7 Biblical Periods in History
  • Visit Masada National Park and then head to the shores of the Dead Sea
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Volunteer Experience (Optional)

Everyone who registers for this trip is invited to extend his or her tour experience and become a “Volunteer” at Tamar after the tour. This low cost experience is available for up to a maximum of 90 days. Long term volunteers pay only $20 a day for board and room and short term volunteers, who stay less than 30 days, pay $30 a day. Volunteers are needed in various areas such as, horticulture, cooking, housekeeping, mechanical, carpentry, and beautifying the Park.

Volunteering is a unique and special way to bless the Israeli people and the Land, while being able to experience 5,000 years of history. Presenting this history, and how it relates to our Creator, is the reason Blossoming Rose continues to develop Biblical Tamar Park. We are very thankful for all our volunteers and donations that help make this all possible.

Tour Guide & Tour Leader

Our tours are led by knowledgeable tour guides and hosts and it’s just one of the many benefits that makes our Israel Tours exceptional. Each tour is a unique experience and all of our tours include a visit to Biblical Tamar Park and have the option to extend your stay as a volunteer.

Dr. Hollisa Alewine

Hollisa Alewine’s career began teaching high school students for seven years before becoming a federal law enforcement officer.  She earned her B.S. and first Master’s degree in Secondary Education from Texas A&M-Texarkana. While she continued her career with the Bureau of Prisons, she completed a second Master’s degree in Religious Education and another in Theology in Rabbinic Studies, as well as a doctorate from Oxford Graduate School.

She has been a television programmer at God’s Learning Channel and Hebraic Roots Network while she travels to teach at conferences and other venues. Her Creation Gospel workbook series is an ongoing project, and she has recently started a new book imprint called BEKY Books (Books Encouraging the Kingdom of Yeshua.)

Joan Pennington

Joan Pennington has visited Israel over twenty times since 1996 and has led large and small groups in personalized studies throughout the Land.  She is a licensed minister, owner of Yad Institute of Kinesiology, and a certified Touch for Health Instructor.  She also operates Bridge Spring, an Institute for self healing. This is the second co-hosted trip to Israel that she has led with Dr. Alewine. She has served as both a short-term and long-term volunteer at Biblical Tamar Park many times.

Rabbi Levy

Rabbi Levy is one of Joan’s favorite guides. He is an ordained orthodox
Rabbi who lives in Judea-Samaria. He is an expert on the historic places
that are important in the prophetic portions of the Hebrew Scriptures and
he will lecture at various Jewish and Christian sites of importance.

Tour Facilitator

Connect to Israel

Day 1: USA to Israel

To begin our journey, we will leave our home city and fly to Israel.  Meals will be served during our flight.  (Please arrive at airport three hours early.)

Day 2: Israel – Ariel

We will land in Israel at Ben Gurion International Airport, and our group will have a bus waiting for us to take us to Ariel where we will be served dinner and then sleep in the Mountains of Samaria.

Day 3: Shiloh, Beit El, Mt. Moriah, and Tiberius

We’ll board our bus at 8 am and make a stop at Shiloh, the location of the Tabernacle for 460 years prior to the building of the First Temple.  Time permitting; we will visit Beit El, the site of Jacob’s dream.  We will continue on to Mt. Moriah and we’ll spend the night in Tiberius.

Day 4: Mt. Arbel, Mt. Carmel, Megiddo, and Tiberius

We will leave at 8 am and go up to Mt. Arbel, overlooking the Sea of Galilee. We will continue on through Nazareth to Mt. Carmel that overlooks Megiddo, the valley from where the battle of Armageddon may one day be fought. We will then go into the ancient ruins of Megiddo where Dr. Alewine will teach on the history of the several cities lying below us in ruins. We’ll spend another night on the Galilee and wander in the city center.

Day 5: Nimrod Fortress, Caesarea Philippi, Mt. of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Tabgah, and Galilee boat

We will eat a hardy Israeli breakfast, after which we’ll go to the Jordan River. We will then continue around the Sea of Galilee to the Nimrod Fortress, Mount of Beatitudes, and Capernaum. Caesarea Philippi will be our next stop and then we’ll return to the area that Jesus loved, the Sea of Galilee. As the sun goes down in the west over the Mountains of the Galilee, we will board our Galilee boat and listen to Danny Carmel sing, and then return to our rooms in Tiberius.

Day 6: Jericho, Beit Hoglah, Qumran, En Gedi, and Tamar

We’ll start our day with another great Israeli buffet breakfast and then board our bus to go to Jericho. Close by is Beit Hoglah, a location at which several biblically significant sites may be viewed.  Driving down to the Dead Sea will remind us of the history dating to the time of Lot, the nephew of Abraham and to the burning of Sodom. We’ll stop and tour ancient Jericho and then eat lunch at Qumran, the city of the Essenes and the place where the Dead Sea scrolls were found. We will continue our drive beside the Dead Sea to Ein Gedi, the mountain cave where David hid from King Saul.  We will arrive at Biblical Tamar Park where we will be welcomed by the Park Supervisor and prepare for our Sabbath meal.  After a wonderful meal, we will relax around a camp fire in the Sukkah and enjoy a teaching by Dr. Alewine.

Day 7: Shabbat at Tamar

We will awaken and feel the Shabbat stillness of the desert and see the sun rising over the red Jordanian mountains. If you take time to listen, you will hear the small desert birds chirping as they seek their food. We’ll go to the dining room for a cup of American coffee and breakfast. Dr. Alewine and Joan will lead us in Bible studies and discussion. Those who want to, can climb Prayer Mountain, to the west of Tamar, or spend time exploring the buildings and tel Tamar. There are some historic pictures and writings in the British building, on the top of the tel, and in the Israeli bomb shelter under the tel. We will all join in thanksgiving before the evening dinner, and later spend time around the camp fire again in the Sukkah, sharing stories about our experiences.

Day 8: Masada, Dead Sea, and tel Tamar tour

We will begin the day with an American cup of coffee and serve ourselves at the breakfast bar. At 8 am we will board our bus and head for Masada, arriving before the Jerusalem crowd gets there. The fortress was built by Herod the Great and it is known today as the site where 960 religious Jews died rather than going into captivity under the Romans. When we leave Masada, we will go down to the shores of the Dead Sea at Ein Bokek, where there are luxury hotels and shops, and access to the warm waters of the Sea.  Afterward we’ll go back to Biblical Tamar Park where we will tour this historic city that dates back to at least the time of Abraham. We will learn more about the 26,000 artifacts that have been unearthed at Tamar and about the plan for its continued development by Blossoming Rose. Tamar Park Supervisor, Alan Vanderkolk, and Joan will share the vision of Biblical Tamar Park while we sit around the campfire.

Day 9: Beersheva, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Western Wall, and the Old City

Our touring day will begin at 8 am with a visit to tel Beersheva, the desert home of Abraham. We will continue to Jerusalem where we will have a panoramic, breathtaking view of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. We will walk down to the Garden of Gethsemane and then look across the Kidron Valley to the old city walls of Jerusalem. The Western Wall will be our next stop where we will offer prayers, and then we will go into the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, to the Cardo. Our first day in Jerusalem will be busy, and we will have seen many of the historic sites before we go to our hotel for dinner and a leisure evening.

Day 10: Hezekiah’s Tunnel, City of David, Ulpan trip, Rokevet, and free time

Once again, our day will begin at 8 am. We will continue to David’s Village, the actual site that has been excavated where King David lived and where the tunnel of Hezekiah was carved out of solid rock. We will have a short time to shop in the Old City. If arrangements permit, we will visit Ulpan or the German Colony and receive an introduction to the Hebrew language. A variety of restaurants and shops are close by at the old train station. We’ll return to our hotel for the evening.

Day 11: Jerusalem

Today is our last day in Jerusalem and it is still Pasach (Passover) and so we will enjoy another teaching by Dr. Alewine and then revisit places in the Old City where we wish to stop to meditate and visit. We will take a tour of the Davidson Center, sit on the ancient Temple steps, and then wander through the Jewish quarter to the Zion area where King David’s tomb is located. We will meet in Mamilia Mall at 6:30 pm to be bussed back to the airport for our flights home.

Day 12: Flight Home

We will arrive back in the USA in the morning, having gained the seven hours back that we lost when we arrived in Israel.  We will check through customs and go to our connecting flights home. Shalom!

Tour Dates:

March 25 – April 5, 2018


$2,395 (airfare not included)

Tours Include:
  • Hotels
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner (except April 4)
  • National Park Pass
  • Masada Gondola
  • Galilee Boat
  • Bus transfer to and from Ben Gurion Airport
  • All tips (except housekeeping)
  • All meals at Biblical Tamar Park
Not Included:
  • Lunches
  • Flight insurance
  • Airline TIcket
  • Jericho Excavation