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Blossoming Rose has been providing tours to Israel for over 25 years. If you would like to experience the Holy Land up close, just as it was when Abraham first arrived, then look no further.

Blossoming Rose has been chosen by the Israeli Antiquities Authority as the official curator of Biblical Tamar Park — the oldest active archeological dig in Southern Israel where tourists can either rest up, or get busy, and discover the Seven Periods of Biblical History. All of our Israel tours include some time spent at Biblical Tamar Park, as well as the traditional tourist spots.

Another characteristic that make our Israel tours stand out from others is our tour guides. All of our Israel tours are led by knowledgeable guides and hosts, and depending on the Israel tour you go on, some include well-known authors, ministry leaders, or archaeologists. Each Israel tour is a unique educational experience where you will encounter an immense knowledge of the history of Israel.

Plus, all of our Israel tours have an option to extend your stay as a Biblical Tamar Park Volunteer, regardless of your age or experience.

For more general information about our Israel tours please see our FAQ page.

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