Ancient Water System Flowing Again

ancient water system biblical tamar park

camel trough

There was only one major factor that caused people to settle at Biblical Tamar Park for the past thousands of years. It was Water. Historians and archaeologists tell us that the oasis at Tamar was the most abundant water source in the entire Arava, south of the Dead Sea. That is the reason that nearly all the spice caravans from the East visited Tamar on their trek to the Mediterranean Sea with their camels loaded with spices and precious goods.

Keeping the ancient well, aqueduct, and camel trough properly sealed so that the water would not seep into the ancient walls, has been an ongoing challenge. This year a noted Jewish immigrant, Geologist Dr. Olga, from Russia, travelled to Tamar and gave us instructions along with the formula for a mixture that would properly seal the waterways and water storage areas. When the system was filled and activated, there were no leaks and hearing the water splashing into the well and watching it run down the aqueduct into the camel trough made many of us happy. Many people have worked in this area of the Park for a few years to make this possible and we are grateful.

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