A Marriage Made At Tamar

A long term, devoted volunteer, whom many of us know, James Crumley, married Pat DeGroot, a woman who served as a supervisor at Tamar several times.  They met at Tamar where they became friends and where, over time, their relationship grew into love. They were married a few weeks ago.
Jim, who can fix or repair anything, and Pat, who has numerous domestic and managerial skills, have served Blossoming Rose at Biblical Tamar Park faithfully.  If you have received this newsletter for a long time, you have read their reports.
The next time they both go back to Tamar in May, to serve in their respective capacities, they will go as a married couple.
For those who think of Tamar as heaven on earth, this was a marriage made in heaven.
– Dr. DeWayne Coxon

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